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Non-Toxic Bath Surfaces and Finishes
Bob Villa talks with Bernadette Upton of Eco-Decor about her involvement with the American Lung Association's Baby's Breath program and how their key prescriptions for healthy indoor air were applied in the showhouse. They discuss the healthy features of the baby's bathroom, including the use of no VOC (volatile organic compound) paints in the colorful mural. Only all-natural products are used in the baby's space-ceramic tile, marble, natural wood, cotton-to maintain the quality of the air young lungs will breathe.
A Healthy Room for Baby
Bob Villa talks with Bernadette Upton of EcoDecor about the materials used in an ideal room for baby.
Beautiful, Healthy Home Interiors Radio Interview
July 5th 2006
So much opportunity exists today to align our homes with a healthier lifestyle, family and planet as beautiful products of the highest quality are infusing shopping and lifestyle with a new level of social and environmental consciousness. It's the fun, hip, cool, stylish, way to make a difference and it's right here right now.
Note: Bernadette's portion of the interview appears in segments three and four of this four part radio interview.

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Time is Right for South Florida Designers' Showhouse - Bernadette Upton: "Green" Design
Thursday, March 8, 2007
American Red Cross Designers Showhouse
Q & A with Bernadette Upton
Palm Beach Post article featuring a Q&A on Green Design with Bernadette Upton.
Decorate With Baby's Health in Mind
December 2006
Bernadette Upton gives mothers-to-be a wakeup call with one sentence. "Typically," she says, "we bring baby home to the sickest room in the house."
Green Interior Design - by Bernadette Upton (PDF)
December 8 2006
A building cannot be green on the outside without being green on the interior. But what does an interior designer really know about green design?
ASID South Florida Chapter Professional Design Magazine (PDF)
May June 2006
For those who think Green Design is a specialty, think again.
ASID South Florida Chapter Professional Design Magazine (PDF)
March April 2006
Bernadette V. Upton is a Florida licensed interior designer, lecturer and consultant who specializes in environmental interior design....
Lung Association fund-raiser showcases earth-friendly interiors
April 16 2006
The idea of creating stylish and earth-friendly indoor environments is embraced by the more than 20 interior designers participating in the American Lung Association of Florida's showhouse in West Palm Beach.
Safe Indoor Air for Children
When it comes to contaminated indoor air, babies and children are among the most vulnerable to potential health problems, so reduce the toxins that surround them by selecting furniture and soft goods that are fit to breathe.
Green Design Grows in Popularity - Featuring Bernadette Upton
July 24 2004
As people become more concerned about the environment, "green" design is rapidly gaining in popularity.
Lennox Launches Search For The Most Uncomfortable Home In North America
May 17 2004
To help launch the contest, Lennox has partnered with environmental interior design expert Bernadette V. Upton.